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:star: :star: :star: Number One Rule :star: :star: :star:

:bulletred: 1) ** MUST have 10 favs or more to be accepted into the group. **
:bulletred: 2) 1 submission per week.


R E J E C T E D - W H Y ? ?

:bulletred: 1) Doesn't have 10 or more favs
:bulletred: 2) We do not accept personal journals
:bulletred: 3) submitted to wrong folder --- for example:


**EXAMPLE: do not submit to a folder you think your submission will have by the time i get around to accepting/ declining submissions. If it has not gotten the favs you think it will and i see it was submitted to the wrong folder, it will be declined. **

:bulletred: 4) If your submission has gotten more favs while in queue, I'll decline, but request it back into the group into the correct folder. Just click yes to accept it into this group. THIS IS A GOOD THING, NOT A BAD THING!!! --- ALSO ---- See starting today statement below ------

--- starting today (10/12/13) I'm no longer going to send my note stating the following: This has gained favs while in queue. I've declined the submission and requested for it to be resubmitted and once you accept, it will go into the correct folder - please see your correspondence messages at the top of your screen. Thanks so much for taking the time to submit to my group!!! (please don't worry, its still being accepted into the group, just in another way!)

--- I'll just request it to be placed back into the group.

N O T E S:

**And always, please be patient when submitting anything. I go into each submission and make sure the fav'ed amount is correct to be submitted into the folder. This takes time.

**I do not reject to be mean - if you do not get a reason as to why it was rejected - READ RULES!!

F O L D E R S ---

RATE MY WORK FOLDER: submit 1 per week. Must have at least 10 favs or it will be declined. I will send out a poll for people to rate it.

NUMBERED FOLDERS: The number of favs on your submission need to match the numbers on the folder to be accepted. (rejected and then requested again? see # 4 above in the rejected - why area)

F E A T U R E S ---

MOVING ON UP FEATURE: When i have time, i will go through the folders and check deviations, if they have received enough favs to move to a different folder. --- only done when i have time.

NEWBIE FEATURE: If you are new to the group, i'll give you a feature. I'll pick 5 random pieces from your gallery. ---- only done when I have time.

FEATURES usually happen on weekends - please do not expect them during the week. I work full time, PLUS i'm a mom, so features happen when i have time to do them.

I hope you enjoy this group!! This group is here for you to be seen!!
I went through some folders today and found submissions that were able to be moved up a folder due to getting more favs!  
Check them out!!

CONGRATZ on all the favorites!

Moved to 41 to 50 favs folder:

The big Tree by esee   Luau Beauty by Tanis711   The Sun Falls by Kaddastrophic   Soft Sunset by Kaddastrophic   gypsy rose lee. by angelaCRUNK   Ross Creek 6 by shadowfoxcreative   Searching.... by Kick-Artist   clash city rockers. by angelaCRUNK   White Stone Necklace With Magnesite Beads by MoonlightCraft   The Dreamer by Debbysh   Virginia Sunset by dazzleflash   wolvie 1 by mlh70   Chrysanthemum - fresh like summer rain by miss-gardener   Leva vpred by Czertice   Fish On The Water by HexeMistelzweig   Zachary and Lizbeth by opcrom   Figuren by Coramina   Out in the rain by tamaraR  

Moved to 51 to 60 favs folder:

Heart for Dayna by Kick-Artist   WitchHorse by MagicBlanche   Lost in Time by MagicBlanche   Irish Blue by Debbysh   Lie down in green pastures... by watchfulshepherd   Who the hell? by paloStark   Sunset Halo by kongdaniel   Candy no Tengoku ~ Candy Heaven by CeciliaRinChan   Let It Go by Art-ography   MASSOSPONDYLUS CARINATUS by vasix   Edge of the World by Debbysh   And As The Swans Prepare For Their Leaving by KatharinaKuebler   The Corsair by grievous15   Kurt Cobain by Someone-Else79   Request - Sylly and Cat by Sylviaray   Marvel Comics Wolfsbane Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman   Bird Wing Tutorial by Charlie-Lang   A Jewel by Lior-Art   Man like me by ISG-Art   Affection by Sylviaray  

Moved to 61 to 70 favs folder:

metro . by safonovma   Kocho the Butterfly by SpyrosDyingWish00   Nervous System #2 by KyleWilcoxVisualArt  

Moved to 71 to 80 favs folder:

Gouldian Finch by Charlie-Lang   Hungry fox by jaffa-tamarin  

Moved to 81 to 90 favs folder:

Pursuit of Happiness by Brieana   Casting by safonovma   Crash Bandicoot: Island Hoppers  -Full Game- by FierceTheBandit  

Moved to 91 to 99 favs folder:

Steel Armor : Wembrace by Carancerth   Chan La by Dominion-Photography   Against the wind by DeviantTeddine   Like Ghosts in Snow by Theanimalparade   Ghost Bride by Eternal-Dream-Art  


Moved to 100 to 249 favs folder:

Dragon.. by Kick-Artist   Twilight Sparkle by Melody-in-the-Air   Pegasus by LimonTea   I love Me by lulu-illussions   Thinking by deeMM   Love Me, Don't Leave Me by xBassxHarmingx  

Moved to 250 to 499 favs folder:

The Black Widow by ReVercetti   Red3 by Elisanth   Magic by KatharinaKuebler   Between Love n hate - Photoshop Action by friabrisa  


Moved to 500 to 699 favs folder:

The Morning Tulips by ReVercetti  




:iconkick-artist: :iconsafonovma: :iconesee: :icontanis711: :iconkaddastrophic: :iconmagicblanche: :icondebbysh: :iconrevercetti: :iconangelacrunk: :iconwatchfulshepherd: :iconshadowfoxcreative: :iconpalostark: :iconkongdaniel: :iconceciliarinchan: :iconart-ography: :iconvasix: :iconspyrosdyingwish00: :iconmoonlightcraft: :iconelisanth: :iconbrieana: :iconcarancerth: :icondominion-photography: :iconkatharinakuebler: :icondeviantteddine: :iconmelody-in-the-air: :iconcharlie-lang: :icongrievous15: :iconjaffa-tamarin: :iconsomeone-else79: :icondazzleflash: :iconmlh70: :iconrevercetti: :iconmiss-gardener: :iconlimontea: :iconsylviaray: :iconda--bogeyman: :iconczertice: :iconlulu-illussions: :iconhexemistelzweig: :iconopcrom: :icondeemm: :iconlior-art: :iconsafonovma: :icontheanimalparade: :iconfiercethebandit: :iconfriabrisa: :iconcoramina: :iconkylewilcoxvisualart: :iconxbassxharmingx: :iconisg-art: :iconsylviaray: :icontamarar: :iconeternal-dream-art:
Lets give our newbies some love!!  

W E L C O M E ! ! !  

NOTE: Please take a look at the rules. :) :) :)


Cabbage Tree by Mark-Rezyka  Gangster No 3 by Mark-Rezyka  Gold Records by Mark-Rezyka  Wild Flower by Mark-Rezyka  Raspberry Ballet by Mark-Rezyka



Blizzards and Puppies by TheAstrologist   daydreams and monsters.she was a girl.
she ran with the moon,
chased fireflies in the bluegrass, and
watched the reflection of sunsets in rain puddles.
                        her name was Alice,
                        and she was a girl.

but to the dragonflies she was a queen,
and to the mirror she was a sister.
the moon was her prince, and the
blinking windows were the eyes
that kept her safe.
she spent her nights making wishes, and she
dragged her fingers along the shooting stars
that were tangled with her vertebrae.
                        her name was Alice,
                        and she was a girl.

her body was a river
her mind was an ocean
and her heart was the sky.
she lived in a world where
doves flew in the sea and
whales swam in the
  the astrologists.there was a boy i once knew.
He used to teach me about the universe—
how planets are actually small atoms that
make up galaxies, and how the stars we see
are really just particles that make up infinity.
He taught me the forgotten history behind the stars,
and how they were so much more
than just flaming orbs of gas.
"The stars were once worlds,"
he would tell me.
"They once were planets,
and now that's all they have left to be."

there was a boy i once knew,
and he used to teach me about Fiddler's Green
and Spaceship Earth. He told me what to say
to a person who's dying, and why astrologists
are the people to go to when you can't find your way.
"The astrologists were once mages,"
he would tell me, his wings
itching to be free.
"They once were lovers,
and now that's all they have left to be."

He used to talk for hours about what
he imagined it felt like to be reincarnated,
and why you feel most alive when you're
almost dead. He used
  the science of told me once that a strike of lightning
is five times hotter than the surface of the sun.
and so if i am the sky
then you are the storm,
flawlessly constructed and
elaborately designed to strike me
when i'm broken.
except lightning never strikes
the same place twice,
and your fist has struck
the flesh above my cheekbone
more times than i can count.
"the earth is number two,
and heaven is number three,"
you told me once, as you slipped
your hand beneath my skirt.
your other hand was on the wheel,
guiding us through the storm.
"—because the earth was created first,"
you would tell me,
although i didn't want
to believe it.
"heaven was just an afterthought."
your hand was warm,
and your touch was electric.
i did nothing as you caressed
my inner thigh, and i stood still
as you reached for more.
i allowed you.
i had no choice.
the rain fell on the windshield
like a map of confused roads
leading nowhere,
and i thought quietly to myself
as our silence burned the bridges.
you neve



Mecha-Bison and Decapre-Jaeger by tommasorenieri  Barbarian wears Reaper by tommasorenieri  Logix Vs Batman by tommasorenieri  Portrait of Link by tommasorenieri  O Lione by tommasorenieri
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Don't forget to submit some favorites of other artists. I will not be going through this folder to add to any feature. if you submit your own work here, remember, you will not be seen as well as submitting to the correct folders.

RATE MY WORK #230: 1 being needs more work and 5 being a wonderful piece of work! 

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No deviants said Pink rose with bokeh 2 by FrancescaDelfino


We love affiliates here, please feel free to join as many as you want! Check them out, they won't mind!


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