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:star: :star: :star: Number One Rule :star: :star: :star:

:bulletred: 1) ** MUST have 10 favs or more to be accepted into the group. **
:bulletred: 2) 3 submission per mon th.


R E J E C T E D - W H Y ? ?

:bulletred: 1) Doesn't have 10 or more favs
:bulletred: 2) We do not accept personal journals
:bulletred: 3) submitted to wrong folder --- for example:


**EXAMPLE: do not submit to a folder you think your submission will have by the time i get around to accepting/ declining submissions. If it has not gotten the favs you think it will and i see it was submitted to the wrong folder, it will be declined. **

:bulletred: 4) If your submission has gotten more favs while in queue, I'll decline, but request it back into the group into the correct folder. Just click yes to accept it into this group. THIS IS A GOOD THING, NOT A BAD THING!!!

:star: N O T E S:

**And always, please be patient when submitting anything. I go into each submission and make sure the fav'ed amount is correct to be submitted into the folder. This takes time.

**I do not reject to be mean - if you do not get a reason as to why it was rejected - READ RULES!!

F O L D E R S ---

RATE MY WORK FOLDER: submit 3 per month. Must have at least 10 favs or it will be declined. I will send out a poll for people to rate it.

NUMBERED FOLDERS: The number of favs on your submission need to match the numbers on the folder to be accepted. (rejected and then requested again? see # 4 above in the rejected - why area)

F E A T U R E S ---

MOVING ON UP FEATURE: When i have time, i will go through the folders and check deviations, if they have received enough favs to move to a different folder. --- only done when i have time.

NEWBIE FEATURE: If you are new to the group, i'll give you a feature. I'll pick 5 random pieces from your gallery. ---- only done when I have time.

FEATURES usually happen on weekends - please do not expect them during the week. I work full time, PLUS i'm a mom, so features happen when i have time to do them.

I hope you enjoy this group!! This group is here for you to be seen!!
I went through some folders today and found submissions that were able to be moved up a folder due to getting more favs!  
Check them out!!

CONGRATZ on all the favorites!

Moved to 41 to 50 favs folder:
I am the true vine by ColdHeartedCupid   Tom Hiddleston by NiemErze   Winter Solstice by EruAnii   Spotted Horses by LashelleValentine   Golden by DanOstergren   I Can Feel Your Heartbeat by TheTweedleTwins   Portrait by indioglossia   Josh at Rest. by KodeMaster   emo bench II by imaginos-desdinova   4x4 Frog Coaster by ckatt01   Oh, Rats by Brieana   Karlovy Vary Panorama by Ace0fredspades   Crow by fishydraws   Paralysis Problem by onnawufei   IRON MAN 3 - SPEED PAINTING by LuizLope5  


Moved to 51 to 60 favs folder:
Cold and Grumpy. by jennystokes   Space by Arythya   Split-Elliptic-05 by Margot1942   Ultimate Spiderman by SomeShortGuy   Skies over Vancouver by Garymillertime   Dragon Coaster2 by ckatt01   Infinity by Arythya   Green Dreams by ShellyBad   Marcy by Theanimalparade  


Moved to 61 to 70 favs folder:
Way of Ace branch by Ace0fredspades   Red and green by FrancescaDelfino   Garden's Queen by ShellyBad   for duggiehoo by scarlette13   Commission For Dkalban: Ignorance Is Bliss by kay-sama   ...BUNNY'S DAY AFTER EASTER... by BUDDYFORME  


Moved to 71 to 80 favs folder:
Ferret Love - Commission by ChaosAcathla   Acid by caughtinthehurricane   Serious business! by WackelP   Slugma x3 by FireStump  


Moved to 81 to 90 favs folder:
BOFUR! The Hobbit by unda-RM   Sullen Art Piece by Mak-Made  


Moved to 91 to 99 favs folder:
Guardian of Death by MagicBlanche  


Moved to 100 to 249 favs folder:
Illusion II by purplekyloe   ...SPEED DRAWING... ...BLACK BUNNY'S LITTLE ONES.. by BUDDYFORME   Autumn path by SeiMissTake   Stamp: Teen parents aren't sluts just stupid by Riza-Izumi   Don't cry by FrancescaDelfino    


Moved to 250 to 499 favs folder:
Oppugno! by Linndsey   Pink by Elisanth   Daphne Catwoman 1a by jagged-eye   Insider 2011 - 11 by Hart-Worx   on the hunt by dionn-k   Kampilan ni Makabo by jbcasacop   Female Cardinal by MichelLalonde   Futuristic city by weebasaurus   Apple Splash by AljoschaThielen   King of the forest by FoldedWilderness   Beyond Reality by purplekyloe   Soul Collector by Autonoe  


Moved to 700 to 999 favs folder:
my half apple by danielramosruiz
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Random from Favourites

Don't forget to submit some favorites of other artists. I will not be going through this folder to add to any feature. if you submit your own work here, remember, you will not be seen as well as submitting to the correct folders.

RATE MY WORK #329: 1 being needs more work and 5 being a wonderful piece of work! 

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