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:star: :star: :star: Number One Rule :star: :star: :star:

:bulletred: 1) ** MUST have 10 favs or more to be accepted into the group. **
:bulletred: 2) 1 submission per week.


R E J E C T E D - W H Y ? ?

:bulletred: 1) Doesn't have 10 or more favs
:bulletred: 2) We do not accept personal journals
:bulletred: 3) submitted to wrong folder --- for example:


**EXAMPLE: do not submit to a folder you think your submission will have by the time i get around to accepting/ declining submissions. If it has not gotten the favs you think it will and i see it was submitted to the wrong folder, it will be declined. **

:bulletred: 4) If your submission has gotten more favs while in queue, I'll decline, but request it back into the group into the correct folder. Just click yes to accept it into this group. THIS IS A GOOD THING, NOT A BAD THING!!! --- ALSO ---- See starting today statement below ------

--- starting today (10/12/13) I'm no longer going to send my note stating the following: This has gained favs while in queue. I've declined the submission and requested for it to be resubmitted and once you accept, it will go into the correct folder - please see your correspondence messages at the top of your screen. Thanks so much for taking the time to submit to my group!!! (please don't worry, its still being accepted into the group, just in another way!)

--- I'll just request it to be placed back into the group.

N O T E S:

**And always, please be patient when submitting anything. I go into each submission and make sure the fav'ed amount is correct to be submitted into the folder. This takes time.

**I do not reject to be mean - if you do not get a reason as to why it was rejected - READ RULES!!

F O L D E R S ---

RATE MY WORK FOLDER: submit 1 per week. Must have at least 10 favs or it will be declined. I will send out a poll for people to rate it.

NUMBERED FOLDERS: The number of favs on your submission need to match the numbers on the folder to be accepted. (rejected and then requested again? see # 4 above in the rejected - why area)

F E A T U R E S ---

MOVING ON UP FEATURE: When i have time, i will go through the folders and check deviations, if they have received enough favs to move to a different folder. --- only done when i have time.

NEWBIE FEATURE: If you are new to the group, i'll give you a feature. I'll pick 5 random pieces from your gallery. ---- only done when I have time.

FEATURES usually happen on weekends - please do not expect them during the week. I work full time, PLUS i'm a mom, so features happen when i have time to do them.

I hope you enjoy this group!! This group is here for you to be seen!!
Lets give our newbies some love!!  

W E L C O M E ! ! !  

NOTE: Please take a look at the rules. :) :) :)


Dragon Walls by Nashcrom  Wolf Spirit El Cid by Nashcrom  Dragon Tower by Nashcrom  El Cid by Nashcrom



Sisyphus by mitoXD  A Day at the Races by mitoXD  Let's see, what happens next! by mitoXD  Psychedelic Folk II by mitoXD  Legacy Arch xmd-xmas11-2 (December 2011) by mitoXD



Queen Chrysalis and Princess Pupa - Royal Portrait by MagicMan001  Changeling Peasantry by MagicMan001   MLP: Pupa-chan
Princess Pupa was sat in her chair outside in the gardens, placed right underneath a tall, beautiful cherry blossom tree and overlooking the ornamental koi pond. She was dressed up in a soft lilac kimono and a thick, warm blanket placed over her forelegs. One of her younger nannies knelt behind her chair, using her horn to levitate and brush her gossamer mane.
The princess felt very gloomy that day. She didn't like her mother's dacha, not this one all the way in the east of the kingdom. There was nothing outside but trees and mountains scraping the skies. She wanted so badly to go back to their grand palace in the enormous capital where the gardens were much more beautiful than this one, complete with a grand exotic menagerie, but her nannies told her it was "too dangerous" there right now and her mother "had important things to do".
She didn't care. She and her family had been at the dacha for days with a lot of other well-groomed Changelings in darker, muted kimonos.
  MLP: Adored
The Changeling Kingdom, or the 'Motherland' as the species often affectionately referred to it, was located far away from Equestria in the east, crossing plains, deserts and glaciers. It would take weeks worth of travel for any pony using non-magical means to reach the country, but once they did, they would definitely know.
It was a vast, depleted country, characterised by a desolate mountainous landscape which, during its infamously long, vicious winters, was always blanketed by thick layers of snow. The summer was not too pleasant, either; it sometimes got hot enough to kill scores off by heatstroke. The kingdom, especially as a mostly rural one, had its pluses like large forests and seas, but for the most part, it was the same greyed nightmare wherever you went. So as you can imagine, they did not do well in the tourism industry.
It was an established fact that the Changeling Kingdom was by no means the most modernised or wealthiest nation, even before the current mona
  LS: Madness of King Grendel 08Chapter VIII
Year One

So there you have it, my dear listener, I was finally the King. It's hard to imagine I had come this far, this quickly, but there was no denying it. Their world was mine on a silver platter. Now the exact details of the process of establishing my Kingdom after the revolution are mostly tedious and uninteresting, so I will not bore you with them. All you need to know is that on that historical night, I declared myself the 'undisputable leader of our people' and everyone else seemed cool with it, that's that.
It is now that we reach in my story what I dub the 'beginning of my glory days', where I started reshaping Heorot and my people's society the way I saw fit. So let's begin…
Eight months later…
It was Year One of the New Era as New Turogian historians of my time so humbly recorded it. The landscape of Heorot had undergone great change since my takeover. Under



NIRVANA by oneoftheclan  impassioned 2 by oneoftheclan  deja 'vu by oneoftheclan  WHEN THE WAR IS OVER by oneoftheclan  STORM by oneoftheclan



CYBORG by Joe-Roberts  Witch by Joe-Roberts  Alien by Joe-Roberts  Dragon by Joe-Roberts  Line Art by Joe-Roberts



Forest by Zenthylle  Mystery by Zenthylle  It is so hard to leave by Zenthylle  Stop time by Zenthylle  The Logar Valley by Zenthylle



Labyrinth Jareth and Sarah by RosyChiovaro77  Laurent the last Vampire by RosyChiovaro77  Spring Fairies by RosyChiovaro77  Enzo Draghi and Go Kato singer of Bee Hive by RosyChiovaro77  Rapunzel and the magic flower by RosyChiovaro77



x - More than g o l d - x by dibear  x - Eli - x by dibear  x - Troja - x by dibear  x - Rin - x by dibear



H O L L Y W O O D by marinajaneholland



Mr. Illusion by CaetanoWB  The lady Into the darkness by CaetanoWB  Sailor moon by CaetanoWB  Raja by CaetanoWB  A Fire inside by CaetanoWB
Lets give our newbies some love!!  

W E L C O M E ! ! !  

NOTE: Please take a look at the rules. :) :) :)


Shine by Mosalifu  Starry by Mosalifu  Dreaming by Mosalifu  Dark red sky of london by Mosalifu  Summer blossom by Mosalifu



One More Step by renkaz  Fallen Angel by renkaz  EXO:: Miracles in December- Luhan by renkaz  In Heat:: Sarumi [K Project] by renkaz  Dane Dehaan Color Palette Studies by renkaz



The battle between the Spider and the Wolf!! by D-Architect  Iron-Man by D-Architect  That laugh!! (finished) by D-Architect  The goblin is finished by D-Architect  Still here!! by D-Architect



Mez Roe: Martian Slum Rehabilitation Officer by ARRD-ART  Sleepy times by ARRD-ART  Whoosh by ARRD-ART  Happy (belated) Hug A Giant Day! by ARRD-ART  Commission work. by ARRD-ART



Kirby Cannon by Aenea-Jones  In Hiding by Aenea-Jones  Unfold by Aenea-Jones  Tulip II by Aenea-Jones  Cloud Strife by Aenea-Jones



Linda.img938, with story by harrietsfriend  Benita.img009, with story by harrietsfriend  End of day.img937, with story by harrietsfriend  Barn, infrared.P1010844, with story by harrietsfriend  Roadside plants.img744, with story by harrietsfriend



Peek-a--boo by DGPhotographyjax  Isnt she lovely by DGPhotographyjax  Freddys Profile by DGPhotographyjax  Baby Leopard by DGPhotographyjax  La Gypsy by DGPhotographyjax



legalize gay by Svea-JillCzech  black roses from my heart by Svea-JillCzech  with my hands around your heart by Svea-JillCzech  embryo by Svea-JillCzech  color of forgotten love by Svea-JillCzech
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